We’ve been dads a while now. Too long, actually, but apparently you can’t just “quit.” We should have read the manual.

five best things about being a dad ninja dad

In order to cope, we like to look at the silver linings of fatherhood. Here are five of our favorite things about being a dad: 

1. Cultivating a Sense of Humor in Our Children

We love helping our children see the humor in things.

As much as we love the old slapstick routines of the past, and the occasional Epic Fail compilation of the present, we want to go deeper. We want our kids to laugh with people more than just laugh at them (unless it was like, really funny).

In that vein, we think it’s important to teach our kids to laugh at themselves. If you take yourself too seriously, you’ll never have any fun. If you never have any fun, you’ll never have any fun. See how that works?

But it’s also about teaching humility, perspective, context, and all that. Or whatever.

2. Encouraging a Strong Work Ethic

There will be no lazy children in a ninja dad’s household. We had children for two reasons: first, because our wives said we needed to, and second, because we need child labor to tackle the chores. We’re talking unloading dishes. We’re talking taking out the trash. You know we’re talking petting the dog.

But instilling a sense of work ethic and responsibility young is a good practice. We’re not saying we’re into hard labor, but we definitely ask our kids to understand from an early age that doing one’s duty is an important part of growing up.

Plus, in this economy? They’ll need all the headstarts they can get.

3. Developing Creativity

We don’t subscribe to the belief that anybody can be anything. It’s not as though just because you dream it, you can do it. (I once dreamed that I had to bake a dozen cakes in the washing machine—look how that turned out.)

However, we do think that approaching life with an eye for creativity is a path to success. Creativity encourages good problem-solving skills, artistic tendencies, an inquisitive nature, and more intuitive interactions with the rest of the world.

4. Nurturing Empathy

While it would have been a great prank, we decided not to raise a bunch of little jerks. We were worried that one would backfire.

By nurturing empathy and the capacity to love, we hope to prepare our children for a world that often doesn’t have enough of it. We prize the ability to understand other peoples’ feelings and perspectives. Not only does it help them grow, but it helps those they empathize with.

Anyway, we dare you to tell us that raising kind, loving children is somehow a bad thing.

5. Promoting Good Adult Habits

No, we’re not saying we don’t want them to be kids. Childhood is amazing, and we want them to experience it in full.

What we want are children who feel comfortable as productive, healthy participants in society. This one is more of a long-term strategy. Society’s certainly not perfect, but it often beats living in a van down by the river.

We think that one of the best things we can do for our children is prepare them to enter society prepared to make it just a little better. We just want to give them the tools they need to succeed in life.

That’s Why We Started Ninja Dads

Ninja Dads products are all designed around addressing these five points. Yes, we want to make you smile (or even chuckle), but we also want to reach our end goal of raising great kids.

Fingers crossed.

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