Are you stuck at home with your kids? Are your spring break plans ruined with the Coronavirus, aka Covid-19. Well, here at Ninja Dad’s we have your covered. Here are the top ways to spend spring break with your family on a staycation.

  1. Treasure hunt
  2. Long hike or bike ride
  3. Camp in the back yard
  4. All-day Maddon-a-thon with brackets (create your own NCAA tournament with other dads and kids!)
  5. Teach the kids about smoking meat
  6. Ted Talks
  7. Watch a whole series together (Breaking Bad, Sopranos, Game of Thrones, etc.)
  8. Have them make a journal and timeline of their lives so far
  9. Record some YouTube videos—pick something hard to do and practice each day
  10. Plan some elaborate practical jokes
  11. Home improvement project (paint the house, build a deck, outdoor kitchen)
  12. Build a tree fort with the kids
  13. Build a website with your kids
  14. Create a Rube-Goldberg machine

Treasure Hunt: everyone likes a good treasure hunt. Especially kids! Make sure your clues are faaaaar apart and up/downstairs to make sure they get some energy out. Here are some great resources!

Long hike or bike ride: Depending on the age of your kids this is a great one. 3, 5 or even10 miles! Pick a long one, take your time, bring lots of snacks and make them march! With any luck, they’ll tire themselves out for bed. (Let’s be real: it will definitely tire you out.)

Need some ideas on where to go? Check out

Camp in the backyard: Back when I was a kid, this was one of my favorite things. Set up a tent in the backyard (or in the garage if it’s raining) and have your own prepper camping trip. Flashlights, camp stoves, smores etc. They’re all good. And, if you’re out of toilet paper, this has even more meaning!

Maddon-a-thon: Just because March Madness is canceled, that doesn’t mean we can’t still spend hours sitting on our butts drinking beer. Find a few dads, set up brackets, and have each kid and dad represent different teams. Put some kick-ass prizes down to make it real!

Smoke some meat: Nothing says the days are ending and wastes a lot of time like smoking some meat. Go to your local grocery store, find a good cut of something, setup up the smoker (or build a DIY one), and teach your kids the finer art of making dinner over the course of 12 hours.

Ted Talks: If you want your kids to learn some esoteric skills or conversation topics, line up a few Ted Talks and watch them together. My kids loved this one and this one in particular.

Binge watch your favorite show: Let’s face it—you may be sitting at home for a while, so fire up Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime and binge watch your favorite show with your kids. There is something amazing about seeing how kids react to some classics. My favorites:

Game of Thrones

Breaking Bad


James Bond

Mission Impossible

Of course, some of these may not be appropriate for younger audiences… Use your discretion!

Arts and crafts / kid life timeline: What a great way to waste a few hours of their attention. Make them make a list of the top 10 things that have happened to them. Build a timeline, add some photos, and present it to the family. Especially when things are hard, it’s nice to remember and celebrate the good times.

Get really good at something useless: Who doesn’t love useless skills? Have them pick something like:

  1. Bike trick
    1. Basketball Shot
    1. Skateboard trick
    1. Rubik’s cube
    1. Card Trick

Have them spend 30 minutes 4 to 5 times each day practicing it. Help them celebrate it when they perfect their new skill! If they get really good at it, consider filming it and loading it up onto YouTube.

Of course, you could encourage them to learn something more useful, like an instrument. But do you really want to be trapped in the house with a kid learning an instrument?

Plan some practical jokes: Kids love practical jokes. So do I. So, help your kids plan some for the future prankster lives.

9 Tips for a Good Prank

Epic Pranks

The Anatomy of a Practical Joke

Start a home improvement project (paint the house, build a deck, create an outdoor kitchen): Kids can be great helpers. So, pick a project you have been meaning to tackle for a while, plan it out, then head to your home improvement store and get to work! Take lots of photos and make sure you praise them for their help!

Build a tree fort with the kids: I make my kids draw a diagram and plan it out. Measure once and cut twice…lol. Then help them build the tree fort of their dreams.

If you don’t have a tree, then consider building just a fort. If you don’t have a yard, well, let them construct an elaborate pillow fort.

Build a website: Do your kids have any particular interests that they want to share with the world? Do they like writing, drawing, photography, sports, or video games? Create a website with them where they can share their passions with their friends and the world!

Create a Rube Goldberg machine: You know those contraptions where one small ball knocks over some dominoes, which hits a stick, that sends a whole chain reaction of things going off? Try building one of those. Start small!

We enjoy many things about the Ninja Dad life, but one thing we don’t like is repeating ourselves. Constantly. Especially when it has to do with manners, behavior, and general commonsense decorum.

So, rather than nag ourselves hoarse, we developed a genius reminder system to keep our kids in line. They’re called manners cards, and we swear, sometimes they actually work. Check them out here.

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