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Fun to use

Effective tool

Simplifies the challenge

Now Its’s Fun to Teach the 25 Manners Every Child Should Know

Manners cards are a great way to engage your kids and gamify manners.  Each card has a key manner like “say please and thankyou” that when your kids goof – they get a card.  Get 3 and the kids do the dishes.

Either way – Dad wins!   The dishes get done or your kids become slightly more human.   And the kids have fun too!

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Hugh Smallwood

One of the things every parent learns eventually is how to apply “fun” to the most mundane situations. When it comes to manners and correcting bad behavior the path to “fun” isn’t so clear. Manners Cards helped my wife and I turn what was a frustrating struggle into something that made us all laugh!

Use Case 1

If you keep repeating the same manner like “chew with your mouth closed” break out the manners cards.  Within minutes the kids will discuss all of the rules and see great visual representations of what to do AND what not to do.   Take a few minutes for each and explain why each rule exists.

Use Case 2

Once the kids (or your husband) know all the rules then start the game.

1. Parents are the only ones who can give out cards.

2. Each time a kid violates a manners card – they earn that card.  Get 3 cards and Kids Do the Dishes!

3. Make sure the kids do the dishes.

4. Make sure you follow the rules too…let’s be good examples and stop picking your nose.

Use Case 3

Do you have some family or friends whose kids are almost pre-historic in their use of utensils, napkins or saying please and thanks? Yes? Then you have a great innocent present that helps them help you!