Fair warning: we’re about to use the term “ninja dads” a lot. Defining it is the whole point of this article. Heck, we even named the whole company after it. We hope that by the time you finish reading this, you’ll understand better what exactly a ninja dad is.

Or not. If you’re more confused than before—that’s okay, too.

Ninja Dads Are All About Balance

First of all, we train our bodies to the pinnacle of human physical achievement.

Yeah. Dad bods.

But also, being a ninja dad is about combining the necessary elements of being a dad so that we can raise good children. Our recipe goes something like this:

  • 1 part laziness
  • 1 part efficiency
  • 1 part humor

Stir, serve on a rock, garnish with an orange peel (express the oils over the top first). Oh wait, that’s a negroni.

Let Us Explain…

How is that possibly a recipe for success as a father? Where’s all the hard work, the dedication, the life lessons, the, the, the?

That’s all baked into the definition of fatherhood. Being a ninja dad is more about how you approach those tasks. Of course, this all comes from the assumption that you give a heck and aren’t teaching your kids wrong as a joke, or whatever.

1.    One Part Laziness

Eh, we’ll finish this part later.

2.    One Part Efficiency

Efficiency is about teaching our kids all the life lessons they need to know. We want to make sure that we’re teaching right, not twice.

(Or, if we do teach twice, we want it to be because we’re tired of repeating ourselves. That’s what manner cards are all about.) 

Sometimes we don’t always teach our children in the best way we can. We look at ways to refine the process for ourselves. We try to model good behavior as a way of killing two birds with one stone: we can show how to be good, responsible people, which both teaches our kids and makes us better people.

We try to educate our children while having fun, too. Like, if we’re planning a really great prank, we can also… hey, wait. This is starting to sound a lot like what we had planned for “Laziness” above…

3.    One Part Humor

If you don’t approach fatherhood ready for a laugh, you’ll never have any fun at all. Part of the point of children is that they’re hilarious people, and they’re so, so easy to torment.

ninja dads humor laziness efficiency

For example, we like making up ridiculous new rules for them to follow. And then changing the rule later that day. Because we can.

Which, when you think about it, also teaches them to not blindly question authority. Wow. We are really nailing this efficiency thing!

We think of ninja dads as the kind of people who would sneak into their kid’s room in the middle of the night and scare the crap out of them. Because we can. We’re not sure this teaches them anything, though. Don’t worry—we’re trying to set some money aside for their counseling down the line.

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