Clearly, most people’s attention is on the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. And for good reason. Even a cursory glance at the news or the emerging statistics about the spread of the pandemic are sobering.

Entire industries are being laid off. The stock market is plummeting. Vibrant cities are now ghost towns.

Young guy with a beard on a blue background in shaving foam.

But the worst part about the coronavirus is having to cut off your beard… according to my son. 

Talking to your kids about the coronavirus is tough. I’m trying to have frank conversations with them about the situation. It’s hard because I don’t want to scare them, but I also want to give them the reality of the pandemic. So, this morning when my son came into my room and asked me about it, I gave him the data. 

To slow the spread of the virus, we need to shut down for a while. If we don’t, our hospitals could get too crowded. That’s why schools and restaurants are shut down. 

What I didn’t realize is that those things were the least of his worries. 

“Dad, what would happen if you got the coronavirus?”

“Well, I would have to quarantine myself. I need to wear a mask all the time so I don’t infect other people. As a matter of fact, I would even have to shave off my beard so the mask could fit properly”


“You would shave your beard!? You look really bad without your beard!!!”

Yeah, um… thanks.

So, for all you bearded dads out there, don’t worry about the quarantine, mortality rate, or the collapsing economy. When you talk about the coronavirus with to your kids, really ease them in to the whole, “I would have to shave my beard” discussion. Because that seems to be the real issue in this country. The total beard loss could be catastrophic.

We enjoy many things about the Ninja Dad life, but one thing we don’t like is repeating ourselves. Constantly. Especially when it has to do with manners, behavior, and general commonsense decorum.

So, rather than nag ourselves hoarse, we developed a genius reminder system to keep our kids in line. They’re called manners cards, and we swear, sometimes they actually work. Check them out here.

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