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Forgive me, Ninja Father, for I have…

Introducing The Ninja Dad Manners Card Set

No more rude

We’ve made it easy and fun for you to
teach impecable manners to your kids

Ninja Dad says

Food is Not a

Ninja Dad says

You Must Wear
Clothes to Eat


It’s Okay to Take a Break

If the coronavirus has taught me anything, it’s that we live in a time where kids are expected to have a bunch after school activities in addition to actually going to school (whenever that happens again).

What Are You Thinking About?

“What are you thinking about?”

This is one of the most feared questions a husband—or a boyfriend—can face. Never once in the history of the universe has a man asked his partner this question.

To My (Step)Daughter

I met you when I was 29—only a few years older than you are now. I was NOT a Ninja Dad. I was a 20-something who had never been a parent before. I was a lot of things, but an experienced parent was not one of them. You were my first kid.